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ReferencesIf you haven’t yet made the big move and consider yourself to still be in the planning stages you might want to tap into the following resources to garner as much information as possible before you actually relocate overseas. If you believe in the adage that “information is power,” you might want to make sure you’re well-armed before making what some might consider the biggest move of a lifetime.

  • Survival Kit for Overseas Living (L. Robert Kohls) offers up tips and skills for Americans planning to live overseas and shares insight on how to explore cultures while avoiding stereotypes and other common pitfalls. Reviewers of the book have commented that it “clearly and practically explains what it is to be an American and how that effects how others see us.”
  • The Grown Up’s Guide to Running Away from Home: Making a New Life Abroad (Roseanne Knorr) is described as being written for empty nesters, early retirees, and even established executives, when midlife is the perfect time to turn travel fantasies into real time experiences. The text covers the dos and don’ts of international health care and taps into the boom in online travel resources as well as many other timely and informative topics. One reviewer comments the book would have saved “a lot of hand wringing on various subjects and helped me think through a number of topics in advance” had it been read before embarking on (more…)